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Office of Senat-o-Tijarat


We shall strive to remove the unemployment and idleness of Ahmadi young men. Further the tendency of remaining as a clerk only due to lack of courage should be removed. Induce young men to adopt honourable professions in craft like blacksmith, tailor, carpenter, fitter etc which have lost the dignity now-a-days.

Advice students to get education in technical institutes likewise, introduce professions in agriculture, poultry farming, fish farming, horticulture, to young farmers of villages. Induce those villages who do not have any work to do (In case where there is a small piece of land and more dependents in the house) to come out from their houses and do some job. Send a list of such jobless Khuddam with details about the education and technical skill to Regional/Qiadat Qaid, so that they can guide them properly to seek the job.


  1. Every Khadim should learn technical skill besides his profession so that further income can be generated and thereby increase his financial contributions.

  2. Every Khadim with skill should teach his skill honorary to at least one Khadim during the year.

  3. Majlis shall strive to establish Industrial training Institute in their own places.

  4. An Interview committee shall be formed at State/Zonal level in which the Nazim of Industry and commerce and other experts in different profession shall be included. Get approval of the members of this committee from the center. The committee depending upon the necessity shall conduct the meetings and suggest possible ways and means of livelihood and employment. The interview committee has to collect the informations about the sources of employment. Qaidin shall send all the details of employment opportunities to centre, so that other Khuddam also can be benefited through these informations.

  5. At the time of local Annual Ijtema, an exhibition cum sale has to be arranged of the handmade commodity by Khuddam so that other Khuddam also will be inspired with this.

  6. Majalis shall send the list of experts in skill and trades to national office with full particulars.

  7. In places where there are technical training centers, Majlis should inform about these centers to Markaz.

  8. Khuddam should be made to learn some easy skills (simple techniques) which can be used at home.

  9. The learning of typing and computer is very much useful to Khuddam.

  10. In every Majlis, the Nazim for Industry and commerce has to be appointed.

  11. Majlis shall induce Khuddam students to learn various skills during vacations so that the leisure time can be made use of in the best possible way.

  12. Professional experts in various fields shall be called to make Khuddam aware of their skills. The total information about the "Vocational Training" shall be made available to Khuddam by Majlis from time to time.

(Extracts from Lah-e-Amal)