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Office of Sehat-e-Jisman (Health & Fitness)

Sehat-e-Jismani team is geared towards improving the physical fitness of Khuddam. The department encourages Khuddam to participate in sports clubs and facilities it runs including: the Football club, Athletics, Cricket, Volley ball, arm-restling, martial arts club and locally organised facilities.

Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III RA had said "we cannot defeat the western nations unless we defeat them in the field of health, ie from health point of view. Comparatively we should be physically stronger than them. We should do our work with full devotion".

(Al-Fazal Jalsa Salana 1981)

Cleanliness, safety of health, collective and individual sports.


  • All Majalis should organize week of cleanliness in which efforts should be put to raise the standard of cleanliness amongst Khuddam in particular and society in general.

  • Special attention shall be given to create a habit of keeping the teeth clean and shall endeavor to see that there is no Khadim of Tifl who does not brush his teeth or does not use tooth powder.

  • Teach manners to Khuddam about the cleanliness and advise them to adopt these manners. With this intention, arrange for speeches by specialists, doctors and other prominent personalities on various subjects of keeping good health for eg. Keeping the body clean, maintaining the cleanliness of the house, streets, localities, use of balanced diet, dangers of intoxications and smoking etc benefits of exercises and sports etc.

  • There should be a medical check-up for all Khuddam and Atfal at least once in a year.

  • Make available the opportunities of entertainment and recreation through picnic and "Kulu Jami-ann" (collective eating) programmes.

The following are the precautionary measures for maintaining good health.

  1. Wear neat clothes and be clean always

  2. Take bath regularly and keep body clean.

  3. Use perfume or scent while participating in the meetings and gatherings.

  4. Do not eat odorous things like onion, garlic when you are going to attend the religious meetings

  5. Use always kerchief or Put hand on the mouth while sneezing. Don't stand closely while yawing or coughing or addressing so much so that the other should not inhale while breathing. The above matters seem to be very small but a little negligence of these will cause not only bad atmosphere in the society but also cause to spread the diseases.

  6. Collective sports

  7. Pay maximum attention towards collective games like Kabaddi, Football, Badminton, volley ball, hockey, and Basket ball. Every Majlis shall prepare team of a particular collective game and send the names and particulars of best players to national office, marking a copy to State/Zonal Qaid.

  8. Conduct sports competitions with other teams of the locality, city or district. Competitions are very much necessary to improve the standard of sports and keep the competitive spirit alive.

  9. Individual sports

  10. Call the attention of Khuddam from the beginning of the year itself to take interest in individual games like running race, jumping, shotput.

  11. Superwise all Khadim players in such a way that they shall make great efforts to raise their standard by hard working with firm determination and interest. If possible, start Ahmadiyya Sports club.

  12. Make arrangements on behalf of Jamaat for sports of Khuddam and Atfal in nearby places to mosque so that they can be looked after well from Tarbiyathi point of view and they can perform Namaz in congregation and can be saved from the evils of the society.

  13. After having a general survey of Khuddam, induce Khuddam to play those games in which they have physical fitness and potentialities but are wasted due to laziness and lack of knowledge. Have a watch on their attendance in Namaz and Tarbiyath. Prepare new players in every field of sports.

  14. Majlis should conduct more and more sports competition at local level. Include individual games like running race, high jump, wrist twisting, shotput in sports competitions.

  15. If the Majlis does not have sports team but Khuddam take part in sports with other teams, keep a record of such Khuddam and good players.

  16. Every Majlis should start Khuddam club(GYM) depending upon its financial sources, so that Khuddam can come and do physical exercises.


  • Daily Walk

  • Khuddam should inculcate the habit of going on morning walk and we should give more importance to this.


  • Bicycle riding

  • Bicycle riding has to be introduced among Khuddam. Khuddam should practice to go on long travel on bicycle with high speed. For those Khuddam who do not know riding on cycle or motorcycle riding, training should be provided. Organize at least once in a year a programme of tour on bicycle. During State/Zonal/National Ijtema the members of nearby Majalis should attend these Ijtema by reaching the venue through cycling.


  • Horse riding and Swimming

  • Depending upon the circumstances, urge Khuddam in more and more numbers for horse racing as well as horse riding. The details of such Khuddam should be send to Markaz. Advice Khuddam to learn swimming also.


  • Shoot with Catapult

  • The use of catapult shall be made known and common among Khuddam and competitions in shooting with catapult shall be held from time to time. Every Khadim shall be advised to keep catapult with him.


  • Sports and ethics

  • While playing games, truthfulness, obedience, principles and good manners should not be ignored. Khuddam should possess huge courage. Despite having competitive spirit, one should accept defeat with cheerfulness. Even after knowing that the decision of judges is wrong, accepting it without any reluctance is a great moral quality, without which no one can be deserved as a sportsman. The real sportive spirit lies in this. This moral object should be explained to Khuddam again and again unless we observe these good qualities within us in the field of sports also, we should not be satisfied. Players should inculcate the habit of invoking prayer before the competition.

  • Further they should adhere to the Islamic manners and shun from the non Islamic formalities like touching the ground with hand and then to forehead, touching the feet of elderly persons etc. Further to encourage the players during or at the end of the game, instead of clapping and blowing whistles, the procedure of saying "Habbaza" (well done) should be adopted. The Nazimeen of physical health should organize the programmes locally after reading the instructions from Markaz carefully.

(Extracts from Lah-e-Amal)