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Office of Tajneed (Department of Census)

As the census department of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, the Tajneed team maintains accurate and up to date contact details for all Khuddam and Atfal in Uganda. History tells us that Hazrat Umar [ra_ho] was the first among the khulafa to conduct a nationwide census. In his wisdom he knew that with an ever expanding ummah there had to be an element of planning.

Ensuring all details are kept current is a multi–faceted challange and the team employs various channels to ensure the accuracy of the Tajneed. From registering Khuddam and Atfal at events and giving them the opportunity to update their details to collecting updates through the Qaideen and Nazimeen–e–Tajneed.

The primary aim of keeping accurate details is to enable Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya to inform all its members about upcoming events and communicate latest news and important information.


  1. All Majlis shall note down the following particulars about Khuddam in a separate register of enrollment. Name, fathers name, date of birth, date of initiation, educational qualification, reading of the holy Quran (simple), reading of the holy Quran (with translation), Do you know commentary of the holy Quran. Do you know the prayer (Namaz) with translation, occupation, monthly income, musi or non-musi, regarding Waqf-e-jadeed & Tahreeq-e-jadeed. Do you know driving? Cycling? Do you know to operate computer? Swimming? When completing 40 years? Married or unmarried? Blood groups? Expert in what? Educational awards, permanent address, any post in Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, post in Jama'at.

  2. Nazim Tajneed shall be responsible to keep the enrollment (Tajneed) register always updated. No youth of 15 to 40 years of age is left out from Halqa (sector).

  3. All Majlis shall send enrollment form duly filled by the end of Fatah (December) to the national office and endorse a copy of this to State Qaid or Zonal Qaid and retain a copy for your office records.

  4. In Majalis where the number of Khuddam is more than 15,such Majlis shall be divided into groups of 10 Khuddam each. A Saiq is appointed on every such group for close supervision. Special attention is to be given on this system of 'Ahzab' (groups). These groups can be identified in the names of noble persons or names of good character, such as sincerity, bravery, trustworthiness or names such as 'Umar' 'Tariq' 'Qalid' etc.

  5. Those Atfal who complete 15 years of age till 31st October shall become the member of the Khuddamul Ahmadiyya from 1st November ie, the commencement of the new year and those who are completing 40 years of age during the year ending 31st Fatah(December) shall be departed to join Majlis Ansarullah with effect from 1st Suleh (January) next year.

  6. It is the duty of every Khadim to inform his Qaid before leaving his Majlis and to Inform the Qaid of his new Majlis immediately.

(Extracts from Lah-e-Amal)