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Office of Tabligh (Preaching)

The primary role of the Tabligh department is to engage Khuddam in Tabligh activities; in order to spread the message of Islam and bring new members into the fold of Islam. It is essential to realise that the task at hand is more spiritual than mechanical, hence all need to focus on prayers throughout the process.

In addition, it is important to realise that Tabligh is the responsibility of each and every Ahmadi. Even by employing righteous conduct at school, university or place of work, the peace–loving message of Islam is being spread by example.

To enable Khuddam to do direct Tabligh more efficiently, many training classes are organised to help refresh religious and theological knowledge-though recognising effectiveness in Tabligh is far more reliant on prayers than individual knowledge. To encourage Khuddam to engage the public about the true message of Islam, various leaflet distribution sessions are also organised.

Personal one–to–one discussions are inevitable with those who inculcate an interest in Islam and the local Nazmeen–e–Tabligh help to co–ordinate meetings and remind Khuddam to regularly follow up contacts and requests for information.

The Almighty Allah says in the Holy Quran "it is obligation on every true Muslim to convey the message of Allah. Thus it is the duty of every Ahmadi to become a missionary of Islam." Syedna Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV has reminded us many times that every member of the Jamaat is caller to Allah (Dai - Ilallah). In the same manner our dear Imam Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V ATBA has drawn our special attention towards Dawate- Ilaallah. To achieve this objective, give special attention towards the following


  1. Organize "Haftha Tabligh" twice in two half yearly periods
  2. Questions and Answers sessions are to be conducted in which Non Ahmadi friends shall be invited. we can be benefited by MTA programmes as well as recordings (Video & Audio) of Questions & Answers sessions of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV RA
  3. Every Majlis shall conduct preaching classes in which skill of propagation, the Ahmadiyya school of thought and beliefs, arguments and counter arguments are to be taught. Prepare every Khadim in such a way that he shall become a suitable person to convey the message to others and also he shall be able to provide satisfactory answers to their questions.
  4. Spread the message through personal contacts and visits, through letters and articles in newspapers.
  5. All Khuddam shall necessarily take part in Tabligh individually as well as collectively.
  6. Organise preaching conventions.
  7. Distribute literatures.
  8. Arrange to keep books, newspapers and magazines of Jamaat in libraries.
  9. Contacts with media of communication so that they should not spread any misunderstanding about the real Islam, Ahmadiyyat, due to lack of Knowledge. If any poster, news or pamphlet is published about Jamaat, send its original or a photocopy of the same to national office and reply after getting approval from the center.
  10. The non Ahmadis are to be made aware of the Ahmadiyya school of thought, its services to the humanity, its preachings and reformative activities.
  11. Organize book stalls of Jamaat.
  12. Bring people other than Ahmadis to National Headquarters, the center of Ahmadiyyat on the occasion of Ijtema and annual conventions such as Jalsa Salana.
  13. Adopt all such policies and do pray to complete the target of preaching and to make all programs successful and carry out the instruction of Region and local Qaid.
  14. Develop social relationship and invite people to your house. Make aware at least 5 persons, about the beliefs and activities of Ahmadiyyat.
  15. Every Majlis shall implant a tree of Ahmadiyyat in new village annually.
    (Extracts from Lah-e-Amal)