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Duties of Office Bearers

Duties & Powers of National Office Bearers

Power and Duties

Duties & Powers of National Office Bearers

Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya Uganda consists of different office beares who execute their duties with respect to the General duties under the Constitution of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya.
Sadr Mulk (The National President)

Sadr Mulk is the National President of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya. If required, two Muavin Sadrs can be appointed by the Sadr of Majlis to assist him


1 Sadr Majlis shall supervise all the affairs of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya.
2 He shall be responsible to carry out successfully the programme of the Majlis.
3 The final decision concerning the explanation and interpretation of all the rules of Majlis shall rest with the Sadr Majlis.
4 The accounts of the Majlis shall be operated by Sadr jointly with Muhtamim Mal. It shall be permissible for Sadr to allow Naib Sadr or some other office bearer to sign in his stead.

While going on leave, Sadr shall appoint someone to officiate in this place whose approval shall be sought from Hazrat Khalifatul Masih. But the officiating Sadr shall not have powers to alter or abrogate the orders issued by the Sadr. Likewise no officiating official shall have powers to alter or abrogate the orders of the actual officer.

6 Sadr Majlis shall have the power to reject the majority decision of any Majlis. In case the Majlis insists, it shall be Sadr’s duty to present the demand of the Majlis with his own view to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih within a week for final decision.
7 Sadr Majlis shall have the power to disapprove or reject the election or nominations of any office bearer and to advise the concerned Majlis to hold fresh elections or suggest fresh nomination.
8 Sadr Majlis shall have the power to suspend or dismiss any office bearer without giving any reason. One may complain to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih about such a decision, but shall not seek legal remedy in any other court or Qada.
9 In special circumstances, Sadr Majlis shall have the power, after getting permission from National Amir, to suspend the rights of election or nomination of a Majlis or an office bearer and to nominate the concerned office bearers himself.
Muhtamim Waqar-e-Amal
1 He shall establish among the members of Jamaat dignity of doing work with their own hands, and shall inculcate this trend in Jamaat
2 He  shall  urge  the members of the Majalis  to  engage  themselves  in  collective  work  and  issue  general instructions in this respect.

Mu’tamad is the General Secretary of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya who does all the correspondence with all Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya in the country concerning all matters, under the instructions of Sadr.


1 Mu’tamad shall do the correspondence with all Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya in the country concerning all matters, under the instructions of Sadr.
2 He shall supervises the work of the National Headquarters Office, keep its records in order and shall be responsible for its security.
3 He shall attest the bills of the National Office signed by the concerned Muhtamim.
4 He shall keep record of minutes of Majlis-e-‘Amila meetings and shall inform Majlis and members of it.
5 Administering the National Alm-e-Inami competition, including the collation of all reports received from Qiadat and Region.
6 Preparing regular update reports for Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih
7 Taking care of Sadr Majlis correspondence to members of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya, as well as external organisations
8 The Mu’tamad is also the Secretary of the Majlis e Shura of Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya
9 The Mu’tamad is responsible for organising the election of the Sadr Majlis and Qaideen.
Muhtamim Khidmat-e-Khalq
1 Muhtamim Khidamat-e-Khalq shall adopt such means as to do maximum service to the poor, helpless and needy without any discrimination of religion, creed, cast and colour.
2 He shall continue trying to eliminate unemployment and poverty among the society.
Muhtamim Ta’leem
1 Muhtamim shall implement plans to make the Jama’at familiar with Islamic knowledge.
2 He shall arrange to educate the illiterate.
3 He shall strive to establish libraries in the Majalis
4 He  shall  implement  appropriate  schemes   to  enhance   literacy  taste  and  raise intellectual standard in Jamaat.
Muhtamim Tarbiyyat
1 Muhtamim Tarbiyat shall strive to make members abide by the Islamic injunctions. Also he shall try to introduce to them Islamic morals and etiquettes.
2 He shall adopt appropriate reformatory plans for the training of the youth.
3 He  shall  keep  adopting  schemes  to  inculcate  national  spirit  and  determination  in
Jamaat members.
Muhtamim Tabligh
1 Muhtamim Tabligh shall arrange to engage Khuddam in Tabligh.
Muhtamim Maal
1 Muhtamim Maal shall strive to keep the Majlis in sound financial position.
2 He shall be responsible for the collection of chanda from all the Majalis.
3 He shall operate the Majlis account jointly with Sadr. Majlis Amila Mulk shall decide with which body/bodies the Majlis account should be opened.
4 He shall supervise the monetary affairs of National Majlis and subordinate Majalis.
5 He shall make arrangements for the assessment of the annual Income Budgets of all the Majalis and keep their record in the office.
Muhtamim ‘Umoomi
1 Muhtamim ‘Umoomi shall perform the affairs assigned to him by the Sadr Majlis.
Muhtamim Sihhat-e-Jismani
1 Muhtamim Sihaat-e-Jismani shall adopt plans concerning general health, and impart important information in this respect to the members of the Jamaat.
2 He shall endeavour to introduce different sports and physical exercises among the Jamaat.
Muhtamim San’at-O-Tijarat
1 Muhtamim San’at-O-Tijarat shall adopt such means as shall increase among Jamaat an interest in learning skills, crafts and trade.
2  He shall arrange to teach Khuddam at least one skill.
Muhtamim Tahrik-e-Jadid
1 He shall put every possible effort to make all the aims and objects of Tahrik-e-Jadid a success.
Muhtamim Tajneed
1 Muhtamim Tajneed shall keep the record of all members of Majlis and their necessary particulars.
2  He shall strive to establish new Majalis.
Muhtamim Atfaal
1 Muhtamim Atfaal shall supervise all affairs of Majlis Atfaalul Ahmadiyya.
Muhtamim Isha’at
1 Muhtamim  Isha’at  shall  inform  all  the  members  of  Khuddamul  Ahmadiyya  of  the activities of Majlis.
2 He shall endeavour to make the members understand the programme of the Majlis and its aims, and shall inform public of its remarkable activities.
3 He shall manage the publication of high standard books and periodicals on behalf Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya
Muhtamim Nau Mubaeen
1 Muhtamim Nau Mubaeen shall keep an up to date record of all the Khuddam Nau Mubaeen (New Converts) in the Majlis.
2 Muhtamim Nau Mubaeen shall supervise all affairs of the Khuddam Nau Mubaeen in the Majlis.
Muhtamim Omoor-e-Tuluba
1 Muhtamim  Omoor  e  Talaba  shall  keep  an  upto  date  record  of  all  the  Khuddam students in the Majlis.
2 Muhtamim Omoor e Talaba shall supervise all affairs of the Khuddam students in the
1 Muhasib shall audit the accounts of National Majlis and subordinate Majlis and see that the accounts are kept properly.
2 He shall sanction the bills according to the regulations.
3 He shall supervise that the amounts given in advance and loans have been settled within due period and shall audit the same
4 Muhasib shall be the member of Majlis-e-Amila.
Regional Qaid (Regional President)
1 Regional Qaid shall perform the following duties within their respective jurisdictions.

He shall inspect the Majalis and shall guide and supervise them in   respect to the national program.


He shall keep the National Majlis Khudam-ul-Ahmadiyya informed of local activities of the various Majalis and give Majalis useful advice.


He shall assist in the establishment of new Majalis in his respective jurisdiction.


He shall strive for the betterment of the financial condition of the Majalis, and shall help the National Majlis Khuddam-ul Ahmadiyya in this respect.


He shall find solutions to difficulties faced by the Majalis.


He shall supervise the coordination of the activities of all Majalis in his respective region.



He shall recommend to the Sadr Majlis for the suspension or dismissal of his subordinate office bearers, if deemed necessary.


He shall have the authority to suspend or dismiss the office bearers nominated by him with the prior approval of Sadr Majlis.



He shall supervise the elections of Local Qaideen in his Region within the due period.  In case this is not done, he shall take immediate steps to accomplish it.




He shall have the authority to nominate an officiating replacement in case he leaves his Region for up to 15 days.  In case he leaves for more than 15 days, he shall obtain the approval of the officiating replacement from Sadr Majlis.




He is authorized to inspect any Majlis in his region whenever he desires.  If he deems it appropriate, he can write down his remarks in the register of the Majlis and send its copy to the National Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya.



He shall have the authority of holding a meeting of the Local Qaideen and their respective local Majlis-e-Amila/Aama if he deems it necessary.





He shall have the authority to reject the majority opinion in respect to matters concerning his respective region.  But if any Qaid demands, it shall be necessary for the Regional Qaid to inform Sadr Majlis of his dissenting decision within 15 days.

Note: He shall have the authority to appoint a Regional Amila as needed with the approval of Sadr.

Other Nazimeen
1 Other Regional Nazimeen shall have the same authority and responsibility in their limited areas as have the National Muhtamimeen in their respective area.

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