Jalsa Salana History: Instant money

Jalsa Salana History: Instant money

The Jalsa Salana was growing at an exponential rate. The first Jalsa saw a humble 75 guest, the very next year this grew to 327 and by 1908 approximately 2,500 guests were flocking to Qadian for the spiritual gathering. (Within 100 years, from 1891-1991, Jalsa Salana Qadian grew from 75 to 66,000 guest)

Financially, it was no easy task; the Promised Messiah, on whom be peace, himself funded the Jalsa through whatever means possible. His passion was such that he even asked Hazrat Aman Jan(ra) to sell jewellery in order to cover expenses; she did so happily.

Trust in Allah

The Promised Messiah(as) viewed the guests arriving for Jalsa Salana, as the guests of Allah. A narration by Hazrat Munshi Zafar Ahmad Sahib Kapoorthalwi(ra) highlights the initial financial challenges, the Promised Messiah’s(as) passion to serve and his trust in Allah.

Hazrat Munshi Zafar sahib(ra) narrates:

“On one occasion, during Jalsa Salana, the funds diminished. In those days there was no formal chanda fund set up for the expenses of Jalsa Salana, therefore the Promised Messiah(as) would bear the expenses himself. Mir Nasir Nawab sahib(ra) informed that there was no food for the Jalsa guests, upon this the Promised Messiah(as) instructed, ‘take some jewelry from [my] respected wife that will suffice for the need [of acquiring food for the guests], sell it and purchase whatever is needed’. Accordingly, Mir sahib did so and purchased whatever was needed to serve the guests. After two days, Mir sahib, during the night, while I too was present, informed the Promised Messiah(as) that there was nothing left for the next day. Upon hearing this, the Promised Messiah(as) said, ‘in obedience [to God] we have exhausted all possible worldly means, now we need not to worry, the One whose guests these are will himself take care of them’.”

Hazrat Munshi Zafar sahib further goes on to narrate that after the Promised Messiah(as) had said this, the very next morning, at either 8 or 9 am, when the postman came to deliver letters, the Promised Messiah(as) called him and Mir sahib. The postman was holding 10-15 money orders full of cash from Ahmadis who were not able to attend the Jalsa Salana. They had written a note along with the cash saying that they could not travel to Jalsa due to various reasons, however were sending money to aid with the care of the Jalsa guests.

The Promised Messiah(as) immediately delivered a short speech on trust upon Allah. He explained that a worldly person relies upon the money in his saving box and trusts he can use it whenever he so wills. However, those who have trust in Allah and believe in Him have a stronger conviction and trust compared to a worldly person’s confidence on his savings. And it is so, whenever they are in need, God Almighty instantly provides for them.

Source: Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat vol. 1,  pp.444-45

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