The Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Organization  cares not only for the spiritual and moral well being of its members, but their physical well being as well. Sporting events such as soccer, Athletics and volleyball tournaments are held at the local, regional and national levels on a regular basis.

MKA holds its annual national retreat in different regions each year in an effort to help train its membership in the skills needed to organize, serve, and lead the community. Around 1,000 young men and boys from across the country come to this retreat to compete in sporting tournaments as well as academic competitions.  Apart from the physical competitiveness of these events, members have the opportunity to meet, network and, most importantly, develop the bonds of brotherhood with fellow members from across Uganda.

MKA also hosts an annual sports tournament known as the Khilafat Sports Tournament (KST).  KST brings young Muslim men from across Uganda together for a competitive and uplifting weekend of spiritual and physical excellence.

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