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Knowledge, Enlightenment, Study

Yaqiin Ainul Mutebe

Yaqiin Ainul Mutebe

Muhtamim Ta’alim
Ta’leem (Education)

The Taleem department is here to increase your Islamic knowledge. The Mohtamim aims to promote experiences and learning environments that strengthen knowledge of the Holy Qur’an, the Holy Prophet (saw) and the writings of the Promised Messiah and his Khulafa.


The Ta’lim Department is here to increase your Islamic knowledge. The office aims to promote experiences and learning environments that strengthen knowledge of the Holy Qur’an, the Holy Prophet (saw) and the writings of the Promised Messiah (as) and his Khulafa.


The Ta’lim Department implement plans to make Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya familiar with Islamic Knowledge (Holy Qur’an, Hadith and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet, writings of the Promised Messiah and his Khulafa) as well as worldly knowledge.


  • Educate the illiterate
  • Establish libraries
  • Implement appropriate schemes to enhance literary taste and raise the intellectual standards of the members
  • Make arrangements to ensure that every Khadim can recite The Holy Qur’an (Nazra)
  • Encourage Khuddam to learn The Holy Qur’an with translation
  • Distribute booklets of Namaz and translation to all Khuddams
  • Ensure that every Khadim knows correct Namaz with translation
  • Ensure that Khuddam observe the etiquettes of fasting during the month of Ramadhan
  • Establish regular religious and general education classes with
  • Teach religious beliefs and Islamic views on issues faced in society
  • Hold literary events to increase awareness of Jama`at literature among the members
  • Employ a variety of methods to encourage Khuddam to read the books
  • Hold religious knowledge and educational competitions
  • Urge Khuddam to read the history of Islam and Ahmadiyyat
  • Urge Khuddam to strive for higher levels of education, for example, Colleges or Universities
  • Teach members the art of public speaking
  • Establish Majlis Ansar Sultan-ul-Qalm and urge members to write articles for the Jama`at, Majlis and other publications
  • Conduct essay competitions among Khuddam

The Holy prophet  says that seeking the knowledge is the duty of every Muslim men and woman. In view of this, the purpose of education department is not only to make Khuddam acquire knowledge of worldly things only but also to enlighten them with spiritual Knowledge. The illiteracy is to be completely eradicated.


Every Khadim shall at least

  1. Be aware of basic knowledge of Islam and beliefs.
  2. Be able to read the Holy Quran (Nazira).
  3. Be knowing Namaz with translation.
  4. Memorize any part of the Holy Quran with translation especially first 17 verses of Surah Al Baqara or last 10 Surahs.
  5. Funeral prayer and other small traditional prayers are to be memorized Schemes in details
  6. The Holy Quran
  • Try to create interest in recitation of the Holy Quran. With this intention, competitions in recitation and memorization of the Holy Quran are to be conducted every now and then.
  • Create interest in Khuddam to learn Quran simple and with translation and Taleemul Quran classes are to be conducted regularly.
  • Take help from local Mubaligheen and Muallimeen and others who can teach the holy Quran with correct pronunciation. Majalis can place orders for such cassettes and CDs through the office of Taleemul Quran. We can learn the holy Quran through MTA program also.
  • Introduce those Khuddam to read the commentary who know the translation of the Holy Quran.
  • In every Majlis, a lesson of the Holy Quran is to be delivered Namaz.
  • For those Khuddam who do not know Namaz simple or with translation, a proper arrangement has to be done for the learning. There shall not be any Khadim who does not know Namaz with translation. Every month there shall be a programme for one week, in which special attention will be given for learning the Namaz with translation and memorizing the prayers and the holy Quran. In monthly reports the number of new learning Khuddam is to be mentioned. Also secure the benefits from the book by name “Tadrees Namaz” in which Syedna Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV RA has thrown light on the philosophy and the art of Namaz during his Urdu class. Reading the books of Hadhrat Masih Maud AS.
  • Explain the importance of reading books of Hadhrat Masih Maud AS. The office bearers shall be the first model in this regard for Khuddam. A book which is prescribed monthly for reading, by the Muhtamin Taleem has to be read by all Khuddam and examination is to be conducted for Khuddam at the end of the month. See that the participation in examination is 100%. A separate register is to be maintained to keep the record of reading books. A library with books of Hadhrat Masih Maud is to be set up in every Majlis. Khuddam have to deliver lesson on these books in their houses.
  • In the end of every month, a session for discussion is to be held on a particular prescribed book. In this session we have to present the introduction and subject matter of the book. It will be better if the services of some noble and scholarly person are utilized. The Khuddam are to be given a good opportunity to ask questions about the subjects contained in the book. With the co-operation of local Jamaat, a lesson (Dars) is to be delivered on the book prescribed. Under the scheme of “reading books” only that book is to be read which is prescribed in the circular issued by Muhtamin Taleem.
  • Special prizes shall be awarded for those Khuddam who have completed the Holy Quran with translation and all volumes of Ruhani Qazayan.

Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam

  • In order to create interest among Khuddam to write articles/essays, a Majlis Ansar Sultanul Qalam has to be established. In large and urban Majlis a secretary has to be appointed for this purpose through whom a system and attraction can be created.
  • Essay writing competitions can be conducted at local level under the management of this Majlis and every Khadim shall have to take part in this. Standard articles have to be sent to news papers, magazines, Badr, Mishkat , Rah-e-Iman for publishing through Shoba Taleem. Every year there is a prize award by the national office in essay writing competition, in which at least one Khadim of every Majlis shall participate necessarily.
  • Prizes will be distributed to Khuddam securing First, Second and third position in competition on the occasion of National Ijtema. For current Year, follow the circular issued by the Muhtamin Taleem regarding topic and date.
  • Majlis Husn Bayan
  • In order to promote the ability of narrating or addressing, Majlis have to set up “Majlis Husn Bayan” for which there will be a separate secretary. Conduct every month an Ijlas (meeting) in which every Khadim takes part in this programme at least once in a period of one year.

Daily or Weekly Class

  • Every Majlis shall organize daily or weekly classes or night schools of which the main objectives are learning Quran with translation, learning Arabic and Urdu language and educating illiterate Khuddam.
  • A list of illiterate Khuddam is to be compiled and efforts are to be made that every illiterate Khadim shall be able to sign, read and write up to a certain minimum level. The illiterate or less educated Khuddam shall be entrusted to well educated Khuddam who can educate them suitably.

Reading Room and Library

  • Majlis have to necessarily set up reading room, large Majlis shall have to establish library, where useful books are to be kept and Khuddam shall have to take full benefit from these books. Religious examinations at national level.
  • With a purpose of raising the standard of religious knowledge of Khuddam, the entire syllabus is divided into two groups. Every Khadim shall necessarily participate in the examination. Every successful Khadim shall be granted a certificate by national office.
  • 1) Group No 1 – From 15 years to 25 years
  • 2) Group No 2 – From 26 years to 40 years.
  • Note: As per the instruction of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V AA the total syllabus shall be divided into 3 parts. The examination for the first part of syllabus will be held in the month of February, 2nd part in the month of May and third part in the month of August. A separate syllabus will be sent by Muhtamin Taleem for each group. Khuddam have to prepare according to the syllabus and prepare for the examination.
  • All Qaidin are requested to prepare Khuddam for examination from the beginning of the year itself. Remember that every Khadim shall participate and all office bearers also shall necessarily participate in the examination. The names of those Khuddam who participated in the examination shall be reported to Center.


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