Mahmood Mosque, Kampala: 66 Bombo Road, Wandegeya, Kampala (Uganda)


General Duties/Internal Affairs


Preparation, Prudence, Protection

Sowedi Kabuye

Sowedi Kabuye

Muhtamim ‘Umumi

Amoomi (General Duties)

The Amoomi department responds to the targeted needs of the Majlis as directed by the Sadr. A core goal is proper preparation for natural and other potential disasters.  The Mohtamim works to ensure that the Majlis is ready and responsive.

The Umumi Department performs tasks assigned by Sadr Mulk. The Muhtamim Umumi responds to specific targets needed for the effective operation of the Majlis as the need arise as directed by Sadr Mulk.


The duty of `Umumi (General Affairs) Department is to remain knowledgeable about the habits of Khuddam by staying informed about current trends in the city and local area. The department responds to specific targets needed for the effective operation of the Majlis as the need arise.


  • Remain knowledgeable about the events in the neighborhood
  • Keep superiors informed about the situation in the local area
  • Make appropriate arrangements for the safety and security of the members and properties
  • Ensure that all events and functions are held in a safe environment

Office of Amoomi (General Duties)

Amoomi is an important department. Its object is to create alertness, presence of mind and to make aware of the present position of the world and the circumstances/Problems which are going to be created against Jamaat. Khuddam Should be educated in such a way that they will be ready at every moment to sacrifice their life, property, time and respect for the sake of religious national and social benefits.

They shall be ready to sacrifice everything for the existence of Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya and shall obey to all well-known verdicts of the Khalifa of the time and they shall carry out immediately the Commandments and instruction of the Khalifa. To create the spirit of sacrifice, large amount of courage firm, determination, diplomacy, shrewdness of the believer, foresightedness’ and alertness, it is necessary:

  • To narrate the most dignified examples and events of sacrifices, courage, firm determination and the practical skill of Hadhrat Muhammad SAW and your companions and of Hadhrat Masih Maud AS and your companions to Khuddam. Advise Khuddam to read the biography(seerat) of the Holy prophet SAW and Hadhrat Masih Maud AS.
  • Every Majlis should select some Khuddam possessing good health and physic who can render security services. In addition to Karate such Khuddam should do regular exercises. Further during functions of Jamaat like festivals, conventions, and gatherings these Khuddam should be entrusted with security duties for the sake of practice. The list of such Khuddam should be sent to national office so that their services can be availed on the occasion of Jalsa Salana and other important functions of Jamaat.
  • Every Friday some Khuddam should perform the duties of security guard at the time of Namaz in mosques and centers of Jamaat.
  • During Jalsa Salana, Khuddam should be allotted duties at railway stations, bus stand and public places.
  • Every Majlis should appoint Nazim umoomi and his particulars and phone number should be informed to Markaz.
  • If any article is published about Jamaat in daily newspapers, magazines and periodicals or in the form of booklet or pamphlet, send a copy of this to national office and seek guidance in this regard.
  • Carry out all the instructions of the center(Markaz) and report all urgent matters immediately without any delay.
  • Send definite number of Khuddam with details to center, who joined the army in defense of the country. Send a copy of these details to Regional/Qiadat Qaid also. Induce other Khuddam also to join the army.
  • The Majlis shall put every possible effort to maintain peace and national integrity in the country. Show sympathy towards every one without any discrimination towards religion and community.
  • To put forth the peaceful and beautiful teachings of Islam before the world and to remove the misunderstandings about the Islam, Majlis shall organize seminars and religious founders day in which religious leaders and other persons shall be invited.
  • Muhtamim/Nazm Umoomi should send its report every month regularly to national office.

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